Things You Should Know about Car’s Exhaust


If you notice any car that’s moving quietly on the road, then understand that the car’s exhaust system is doing its job. A well-maintained exhaust system will make your ride safe and comfortable. A good working exhaust system will also benefit your fuel consumption and the environment. 

What does a car exhaust do?

The exhaust system plays a major role in reducing noise from the engine to make the components of the exhaust system work together. Apart from noise reduction, the exhaust system acts as a medium for the exhaust gases to come out. When a car is in transit, it produces harmful gases to humans and the environment; an exhaust system filters such poisonous toxic gases, which include nitrogen monoxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide.

What Are Some Signs of an Exhaust System Problem?

If the exhaust system is working, then it’s not an issue, but when it fails to work, it can lead to big trouble. If you notice sudden changes in fuel efficiency or acceleration then it’s a sign of exhaust troubles. When you raise the speed, if you hear a loud noise then the muffler could be wearing out or there could be a leak before the muffler.

What Are the Parts of the Exhaust System and How Do They Work?

Most exhaust system have four main parts,

Exhaust manifold

Catalytic converter

The pipes


The exhaust manifold is connected to the engine and performs all the initial work of collecting exhaust from the engine. The next step is, the exhaust will go through the catalytic converter. This component is the hottest one which can burn any fuel that doesn’t combust in the engine. Finally, the exhaust goes through the muffler and is expelled via the tailpipe.

These are the four major parts of a functioning exhaust; however, there are many other parts that help to function your exhaust properly. The muffler helps reduce the sound from the exhaust. The oxygen sensors are responsible for running the car efficiently and effectively by measuring the oxygen level in your exhaust. The hangers and joints keep everything together.

What Does the Exhaust System in My Car Do?

Exhaust fumes are produced when combustion occurs in the engine. If the poisonous gas escapes into the cabin of the vehicle, you are at a major risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. A good exhaust system will reduce emissions and make the economy better thus reducing the sound of the engine. It keeps the engine quiet.

Why is the Pipe important?

The gases pass through the exhaust pipe and pass through on their way to the catalytic converter and silencer. The catalytic converter scrubs harmful toxins from the gases which makes your car more environmentally friendly, and the silencer works efficiently as it produces quiet sound.

For your vehicle to perform perfectly, your exhaust system has to be in tip-top shape. Check it by an exhaust mechanic for knowing the condition of the exhaust. Car exhaust repairs can be costly but it’s not required if it’s maintained properly and frequently employed.